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Graduation elation

Work called and I've been sent back on my tour of as many Caribbean islands in as few days as possible, so today's blog comes from Jamaica. To be fair the gym in this hotel does have air conditioning thankfully, and as its raining outside I had no excuses, so I just competed W9R3 :-)

Obviously I'm really pleased with how far I've come, but I'm also really pleased to have discovered this community. I can't believe how positive and encouraging everyone is and there's always someone to pick you up if you need it. So a big THANKYOU to you guys, and I'm off to get my badge :- D

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Well done. I'm impressed that you even did it despite being in Jamaica. The temptation to give it a miss would have been too much for many people!


Thanks! I usually run first thing in the morning, but today opted for the buffet breakfast instead,so when the rains came I didnt really have any choice!


Excellent news, Congratulations :) hope weather not too bad there and that the worst missed you.


Fantastic Slater - and yet another exotic location!!!! I know it's work but still..........

You must be soooo chuffed. Go get that badge, wear it with pride and enjoy a red stripe and some jerk chicken to celebrate! The "liquid sunshine" there is better than the rain here thats for sure.......

Keep running and posting here on your forward journey. Sue

p.s. Glad you had ac this time .........


Brilliant, Slater and congratulations!!

My suggestion would be to rest up a bit...you will soon have a pretty green badge to shine!!

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



Well done slater!!! Now put your feet up and relax for a day or two, you deserve it!!!!!

Keep running!!! x


Fantastic slater!! Soon see your graduate badge after your name-got mine this morning.

As the others' have said-relax! Pamper yourself for a few days (they MUST have a pamper room at the hotel 3> ).

Keep on Running, slater :-)

Colette xx


Well done Slater!!!! I think you better go have you one of those Jamacian drinks to celebrate!!! Such a beautiful setting and great memories for your grad run! CONGRATULATIONS, that badge is all yours! :-) Gayle


Oh what a shame your graduation run was in Jamaica Slater, soaked in lovely sunshine and blue seas to cool your achey muscles must have been really hard to cope with ;) OK so I'm jealous to the point of turning green, But well done you, wonderful result. now go and slap on some sun tan lotion while you have your rum punch sun downer to celebrate :)


Thankyou everyone! I did manage to celebrate with a Red Stripe and an afternoon by the pool, but now I'm back home, this morning's run and the frost brought me back to earth with a bump! Brrrrrr!


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