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Yesterday's failure, today's success!

Went out yesterday ran 12 1/2 mins of my 25 and could do no more! Today did the full 25, I even manged to break the 10 min mile mark and ran 2.7 miles in the 25 mins! Strange how much difference a day makes, also a change of route I helped I think.

I would also like to thank all you lovely people. This programme is a real journey of emotions, I think I would have been defeated a while ago without the support you find on this forum. If there wasn't so many of you (or if I win the lottery) I would buy you all a drink!


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Brilliant! The good thing about 'bad' runs, is that they make the good ones so much better, as you know you've really had to work for them :)

PS - Mine's a Stella!


Mmmmm. My red wine's lovely, thank you!

So good to hear it went so much better this time. :)


Red wine here! Well done you!


Two red wines and a Stella, might not need the lottery win after all!


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