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Week 2 - got a little waylaid

I was really looking forward to beginning week 2 today especially as the weather was perfect - cold but sunny. The dog came with me and we made good progress (better than I thought I would) until I decided to go down a little lane with a hill. All was going well with run 3 and the walk but hit the uphill section back to the main road (which was steep) and couldn't finish the run - just about managed to walk up that section!! I won't be trying any steep sections for a while.

Decided to repeat the walk after run 3 and run 4 again. Just fiddled with the iPod and was ready to go but a friend drove along the road and we ended up chatting ;) !! Eventually finished the rest of the podcast and do feel like I have worked hard.

I'm hoping run 2 goes a bit more smoothly and I can do it in one go. Will be avoiding steep hills and the main road :)

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It took me a long time to get used to hills and now I have to say I enjoy them as they add a bit of variety! How I've changed my tune!

I remember around the same time I started another runner would blog about the hill the lives on and it sounded terrible to me, we are lucky we can avoid them if we want to :)


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