Week 9 run 3 completed - woohoo! Me, a graduate?!?!?!?!?

Who'd have thought it? At Christmas I was a very unfit 63 year old - though I had lost a lot of weight on the 5:2 diet and needed an outlet for my new energy. I downloaded the podcasts and tentatively started at the beginning of January, unable to do the seventh and eighth 60-second runs of week 1 run 1. I wondered whether I should repeat week 1 but I pushed on with it and after a few weeks I really looked forward to my runs.

I've now settled into a routine of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays: at present I go out around midday when it's warmed up a bit but I expect I'll start going out earlier as the year progresses.

I'm absolutely chuffed to bits!

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  • Congratulations to you that is fabulous.

    I have just started this week and did w1r3 and was totally rubbish. I am so glad to have seen your post because I genuinely did not believe I would ever get past week 1. I am 50 just stopped smoking and totally unfit. I have only done 3 runs all at different times but so far a very early 0630 run was the one I enjoyed best.

    Your post is really inspirational and I am sure you must be really proud of yourself.

    Linda :)

  • Thank you Linda - you can do it too!

    I'll watch out for your posts - if I can do it, honestly anyone can!

  • Absolutely fantastic!! Well done you!! :) It's great that you have a good routine going, that will really help you to keep going after the structure of the program. Enjoy the moment and the celebrations!! Woo hoo indeed ;)

    Sue x

  • Many congratulations, look forward to seeing your shiny new graduate badge.

  • Congratulations, graduation posts are some of my favourites, look what you've achieved :-) and you'll have a smile on your face all weekend me thinks :D ... What next...

  • I want to stay at 5k this year and improve on my speed. There are four local 5k races this summer so I'll do those. Then maybe 10k next year!

  • Well done - you'll be smiling for days

  • Well done! thats great! I cant wait to come as for as you have and be a graduate myself! keep us updated on your running and your 10k goal! :D

  • Sorry I missed your graduation party! What a fantastic achievement - be proud :)

  • Thank you. I did my first Stepping Stone yesterday and found it rather tough - but I kept going!

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