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Fresh start due

I'm annoyed .mainly at myself.

Having started so well in November and quickly feeling much better and fitter, I was really enjoying my me time.

But then Xmas happened. I didn't stop. In fact quite the opposite, I went for a run with my husband, who is a much stronger fitter force! I ran under slight duress a full 5k.

I thought , right ok , maybe I don't need c25k after all. Big mistake... I haven't really been out a lot with the cold dark nights and work and family commitments.and now I miss it.

The last 3 times I have been running have Been hard and depressing. The buzz I felt before has fizzled out.

So new start, new attitude. I can do this. And with Laura in my ears I will succeed.

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Good for you for getting back at it. I'm sure you will find that buzz again in no time. :-)


I hope so! :-)


Good luck on your new start. I'm enjoying the structure of the program so it'll be interesting to see how it goes once I graduate. Have you decided on which week you're going to start back with?


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