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First London Run

After a week of being naughty both exercise and food wise; I got down to the gritty and hit the streets for my first London run last night.

I decided to still remain on Week 3 because of how hideous the last attempt was, it was also after work so quite dark but I really enjoyed it! If anything it helped me explore a bit more of my new area, and as it is pretty flat where I live with good pavements I did not struggle much at all.

My breathing and posture was more controlled than the previous run, pacing was slow but steady, although my arms got a little sidelined because I was concentrating on my whereabouts.

I haven't had the chance to find a gym yet, and am quite conscious of how much it will cost in London. Luckily I should get an NHS discount at most gyms so that's something, but for now I will continue with the freeness of running outside.

If the weather permits on Sunday I may go to Hyde Park for a run for some greener surroundings, but all in all a success which hopefully means I will only need to do Week 3 once or twice more because I can move on fully to Week 4.

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Welcome to London!! :) Glad it's relatively flat where you are; everywhere I turn there are inclines of some description..... :O

Hyde Park sounds lovely and I may give it a go after work when the weather cheers up!

Best of luck as you progress to week 4 :)



It seems you're ready now to move on to week 4. Why not give W4R1 a try and see how that goes, just keep it slow and steady. You my surprise yourself. There's absolutely nothing wrong with repeating runs if you feel it's necessary, but don't get bogged down into feeling you need to effortlessly breeze through each run before moving on to the next one. I hope that made sense. In any case, hope you have a nice run in the park on Sunday.


Thanks both,

Having just moved from Wales to London- the lack of hills is maybe not as scenic but definitely easier on the legs :P

Yes TX, I know what you mean. I don't want to get into a rut and have tried W4 once on the treadmill but am probably just a bit scared. I think i'll do one more Week 3 and then move on to Week 4 next week. New week, new run ey?! :)


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