BHF Tower Of London Run - First Ever 10k

BHF Tower Of London Run - First Ever 10k

So it was today. As many of you will know I hadn't run for almost 3 weeks because of the Achilles problem, so hardly good preparation because it meant I hadn't actually ever run 10k but the ankles had been feeling loads better so I thought I'd be ok if I didn't go bonkers. I took it slow and steady but I'll be honest, I was just about ready to throw in the towel at 5k, I was totally spent and every part of my body (except the achilles!) seemed to hurt. However, I needed to know I could do it, and as a lot of very generous people had sponsored me to the tune of £540 (so far) there was no way I was going to short change them. So on I plodded, cheered on raucously by Mrs 5k at the 1k turn around point each time. (When I was starting the last loop she shouted "One more to go, you can do this" so loudly that I'm sure a couple of people jumped!) In fact Mrs 5k was wonderful today, offering encouraging and motivating 'bon mots' at every turn around. She didn't have to come, the weather was a bit horrible but she said she wouldn't let me do it alone (she probably thought I was going to have a heart attack or something ;) ).

So, how did I do? Originally I was aiming for about 1:12, but as the training went out the window I adjusted that to "I hope I get round in under 1:20". My time was 1:19:02. Not fast I know, but probably the best I could hope for in the circumstances. And, I now have a pb for 10K! Something to try to beat at the Great Newham London Run in July!

Thanks to all of you that have sent warm thoughts and cheering up comments whilst I've been on the IC. Please have a pic of me with my first piece of 'grown-up' bling and souvenir t-shirt.

Run wild, run free, love Steve x

Edit: Mrs 5k has just confessed that she wasn't 100% sure I could do it, but at about 6k she saw a look of determination on my face that she'd never seen before, and she knew then there was no way I wasn't going to make it, and she was so proud of me. I had to excuse myself for a moment in case I blubbed. Thankfully I didn't :)


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37 Replies

  • Brilliant :) :)

    That is fantastic - I am so pleased for you. What an amazing achievement and a display of real dedication in those circumstances.

    Best wishes to Mrs 5k too - an amazing cheerleader :)

  • Thank you. Mrs 5k is just the best (see edit above) :)

  • Ah - just read your edit. You'll have me blubbing too ........

  • Well done Steve - see you in the Olympic Park!

  • I'll maybe see your back :D

  • Well done! No mean feat to get round successfully when you've had a few weeks out in the run-up (no pun intended!) ;-) Nice bling, too!

  • Thanks RC. I wouldn't recommend it, but it had to be done. :)

  • Well done Steve, that's really good and impressive bling ! Great cheerleading from Mrs5k ! x

  • Thank you GS, you're very kind. Mrs 5k is just the best.

  • Wahey ! Yes you did it !!! So so pleased for you our lovely Steve .

    Many many Congratulations to you on a fantastic achievement ! Here's to many more !

    Special thanks too to Mrs Steve for being your very own cheerleader . She must be so proud of you xxxx

  • Thank you PP, and thanks for all the support and encouragement. I've just added an edit to the original post that explains just how amazing Carol (Mrs 5k) actually is. xxx

  • Blub, sniff , snort , pass the tissues , you'll have us all blubbing here xxx

    Fab post xxxx

  • Well done 5KOB. A tough, gritty performance. Great effort.

  • Thanks Dunder, kind of you to say so.

  • Fantastic! Congratulations for getting off the Injury Couch and giving that a really good go.

  • Well done that man!

  • Woweeeeee!!!!! That's amazing, well done after all you've put up with too! You're made of strong stuff, nothing can stop you....hope the body isn't complaining too much post run. Treasure the bling :)

  • Good for you for getting out and knocking that 10k out of the park! It's great to hear you pushed through despite gremlins half-way through. And good for Mrs5k for supporting you - it's wonderful for the motivation. Also wonderful picture - I love that shirt, I think I'd be wearing it all the time.

  • I did my 1st 10K on Sunday and it was hard work so I can imagine how much harder it was for you with your missed training. Great respect for you gritting your teeth and digging deep to finish. Glad your achilles seems to have held up and hope this means you are back and running again. Hooray for Mrs 5k !

  • Congratulations Sweetie, that's such a fantastic achievement , especially because you didn't have time to train properly. No wonder Mrs 5k was proud of you. Actually, we're *all* proud of you. A great run for a great cause. Well done :)

  • Bless you AM, and thank you. I won't lie, it was tough, but so worth it! :) xx

  • Well done....well run!!

  • I think you're awesome. Well flippin done😊

  • Bless you that's so kind :) xx

  • fantastic! brilliant! well done Steve, sounds like a hard race but you stuck with it!!!!!!!! bet you didn't think you would do that a few months back???!! :)

    mrs 5k sounds fab! :)bet shes really proud of you! :)

  • When I think back to November when all this started I can remember begging the walking intervals to come on the week 1 sessions. Never in a million years did I think it would lead to this. Mrs 5k is just the best! :)

  • Well Done, Makes it all worth the hard work and effort you have put in to get a Medal & a Tee Shirt.

    Wear it with pride.

    Well Done Mrs 5K for the added support.

    Have a deserved rest.

    From John. (Drakeybar).

  • Whey hey! That's fantastic Steve. A huge achievement especially considering your time on the IC. You clearly dug deep for that one but you're looking good there and I love the photo. And isn't Mrs 5K the best? You could loan her to us when we do our races!

    Many congratulations to you. x

  • Thank you IP, that's so kind. Mrs 5k is my talisman. She pretends she doesn't care but is fiercely supportive when it matters :) xx

  • A good wife.

  • Wow, well done! I've had time out too, and I'm not sure I could imagine 5 let alone 10 k now. You should be really, really proud of that x

  • Thank you GL. I'm not normally given to self-congratulation but I am quietly proud of myself :) xx

  • Well done! About a year or so ago, I ran my first ever 10k and struggled to 1h17. Four weeks ago, I had my PB down to 59:42. Like most of these things, once you're over the "can I get through it phase?" it gets better quite quickly!

    Oh, and I'll see you on the start line at the Newham run!!!!!

  • Cheers Rob! See you in the Olympic Park :)

  • Brilliant..beautiful blog, amazing achievement and Mrs 5k sounds like the bees knees... :)

  • Well done 5KOB your post is lovely to read and just shows what can be achieved. I hope the Achilles keeps behaving now. Wonderful to have the encouragement of Mrs5KOB too. x :-)

  • Well done. A cracking time :)

    That looked an epic place to run. Thought of doing it myself, but busy in the Midlands - why am I always at the wrong place for the good runs? Maybe next time.

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