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Week 2 beginneth

Feeling chuffed and a bit puffed but managed W2R1 :)

As I was driving home from work today I passed a few runners and when I saw cables running from their ears, I couldn't help but wonder if they were listening to Laura. I think I'm becoming obsessed with her. If they listening though they must all be at the later levels as they all looked like seasoned pros.

Couldn't wait to get out and have my first go at Week 2. It went ok apart from the usual drippy nose (which seems to run more than I do) and having to march on the spot when I had wait for a car before I could cross the road. Must have looked completely batty!

Also have this strange irrational fear that every time a car or van pulls in just in front of me, I wonder whether they are about to abduct me. Silly isn't it? What or earth would they want with me?! I'm hardly worth grabbing while I'm out running. I've only got my phone/mp3 with me. Wait 'til later when I have my purse! They surely can't be after my body - it's half knackered!

Tried to do the breathing. How the hell does that work? Left (in), two, three, four, left (out), two three four. I need to breath in a lot more than this will let me. Or else I must jog a lot slower. Mapmyrun tells me I have slowed down from W1R3. This wasn't conscious although I did find the brisk walks getting slightly less brisk at about 3rd/4th jog/walk point. Oh and I got a bit distracted in the first jog/walk section as I had to manoeuvre my phone into a better position as it was tugging at the cables in my ears.

Still, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to going out again on Sunday. So glad it didn't rain. Now I wonder what the forecast is ....

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I wouldn't worry too much about the breathing pattern - as long as you're taking good deep breaths and not hyperventilating, the pattern doesn't matter all that much.

For some reason, the phrase 'cables running from their ears' made me think of Cybermen - my number one fear as a child - or maybe number 2 fear, the worst one was the seaweed that came in through the ventilation thingies - 1960s Dr Who. Aaaagh!

If you enjoy it, you must be doing most of it right, anyway! :)


Dr Who episode "Fury from the Deep"? Troughton days. ("When I say run, run!") First story involving the sonic screwdriver. My friend (am-dram fan) put this on at our local theatre a few years ago as it's missing story. My husband is an avid fan of Dr Who. I enjoy it. Grew up with Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker myself.

Thanks for the advice on the breathing. I'm trying to breath long and slowly. Not hyperventilating but when I'm getting tired it's still a struggle to get enough air. Hoping it will come in time.


Well done pam - how was the 90 second run for you? i am a little worried!


Hi Mrspatch. Thank you! x

It was ok. Yes it was a step up from 60 secs. Kept focusing on a trying to reach the next or next but one lamp-post and in this way, I managed all the runs. Tried to control my breathing and took long, depth breathes until I started to get tired and then the panting started!

As there were less runs than w1 that seemed to make the 30 minutes pass more quickly (don't ask me why). Oddly I covered less ground (according to mapmyrun).

Good luck (but I'm sure you won't need it :D)


Hi Pam, you might do better to not think about your breathing so much since it's hard to breath naturally when you're focused on it. Just maybe check on occasion that you're not doing fast, shallow breathing and leave it at that, see how that goes.


I'd agree with that too!


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