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How fast should I be running?


Ok so I am thinking 10kph to do 5k in half hour but I find this speed is too much. I have been studying the runs today and have just completed run 1 of week five but see my third run this week is for 20 mins without a break. I just don't know if I am ready for that yet. I am currenly jogging at 7.5kph on treadmill - is that fast enough? I am definitely seeing some progression though..

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Speed is very much down to each person but for C25K you should focus on completing each run and for many of us speed was/is comparable to a tortoise or snail!!! So try to find the pace that suits you and that may mean that at the end of the programme you can run non-stop for 30 minutes but may not be 5K. That is fine because you can work on your speed later.


Same as PeaBea said. I graduated 2 weeks ago, but still go a good bit slower than 7.5kph (outdoors - I've never tried a treadmill). So I'm slow, but I can run. Whatever pace feels comfortable for you - if it's someone else's walking pace, it doesn't matter.


I agree, if you're doing your best then what matters. You will progress at your own rate and you can't do better than that. You are doing a great job, just keep going!


I agree with PeaBea by the end of the programme look to be either running 30 mins non-stop but it may not be 5k or alternatively run 5k but it maybe longer than 30 mins. You would still have made an amazing achievement and times and distances can be improved on.


Yup I agree too. Go fast enough that you complete each session. Don't worry if you go too fast sometimes you can always go again. The toughest thing in my experience is learning pacing. I guess the ideal speed is one that let's you finish ........ Just! It comes with time.

Hey guys, thanks for replies. I am just about to start run 2 of week 5.. this is where it starts to get a little bit harder.. I have to believe in myself and tell myself I can do it! I hope the music is a bit better this time haha :-)

The music wasn't better but I found the 2 eight mins runs a lot easier than the runs last week. I see progress! :-)

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