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it was cold and damp this morning

I did not want to do this when I started but now it is the only times of the week I actually look forward to getting up on run days. Today it was wet and cold but for some reason I enjoyed it, must be getting the running bug!

I have just completed week two and each time I run the front of my lower legs hurt, it goes when I stop so I guess no lasting damage.

off to Bluewater tomorrow to go to 'sweatshop' to have a gait analysis and get a reasonable (can not afford a lot) pair of trainers.

I can not say I am looking forward to week three as I know it is going to hurt more, still, I going swimming Saturday and cycling on Sunday so should be ready for the run on Monday. but for tonight it is a couple of real ales and a nice meal.

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I still argue that it doesn't have to hurt, if you get running form right and go slow enough. Though I know lots disagree.


Well done alcopop! Tomorrow I'll try and finish W2 too. The first run was painful but the second run yesterday was great.


A cold, damp run with leg pain... and you enjoyed it. Yeah, sounds like you've caught a bug of some kind alright. Hope you come away with a pair of new running shoes you're happy with.


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