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First event......any advice great fully received :)

Hi all,

I have my first run amongst a group this weekend. It is the St David's day 10k and is apparently very busy. I am fine about the run, intending to take my very own time and enjoy it. I would really welcome any advice or tales of experiences to give me an idea of how it will be. I don't know any experienced runners so you guys are my fountain. Any words regarding what to wear, take, do would be welcomed.

Oh I lie I ran in a group once when they opened the gates to a cake sale.....I jest ;)


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Just relax and enjoy it, beware of the "Ooh I can catch up with that person effect" wears me out something chronic on my parkruns ;-)


As Crox says, the most important thing is to relax and enjoy it. I read somewhere that race days are the reward for all your training, not the peak of it.

Be sure to run your own pace, as it's all too easy to get carried away in a crowd and tire quickly. Also, if it's a cold morning and you may be hanging around in cool running gear, a thick binbag with armholes can keep the wind off at the start line and can be easily disposed once the race starts (not very fashionable, but works well!)

Again, though, ENJOY!!!


Cheers guys can't help think a bit of the time will be spent laughing at the ridiculousness of me being in a 10k race :) I think you are right about not getting carried away in a crowd and therefore tired early on. I shall keep to the side if I can.

As for the fashion advice my mate has been desperately trying to get us to dress up to no avail so perhaps this would be a good compromise if we went as bins.....we could always accessorise with some pretty lids (me and my mate...OH would of course keep his masculine) teehee the thought is highly amusing!

Thanks again

Jems :)


As others have said, just go and enjoy yourself. Try not to change anything on the day, ie keep to your usual tried and tested clothes and eating routine. When I did a 10K it started about noon - I think- which is about 3 hours later than my usual run time, so I did chance eating some cereal (I usually run on empty), but ate several hours before running.

Find the loos as soon as you arrive, and be prepared to queue then and (if you like me) 10 mins later!

Regarding clothes - you'll be given a number to safety pin to your chest, so make sure you're not wearing a jacket that you don't mind piercing with four pins! And don't pin this to your jacket if you think you're likely to take your jacket off mid-run.

If you think you may be hanging about for a while after leaving your car/partner/supporter you may wish to take an old sweatshirt that you're willing to throw away. Some races organise a charity collection bin to dump them into. The 10K I ran didn't do so, but I was wearing one of my son's old 'logo-ed' sweatshirts from a previous job, so binned it just before running.


"Oops! Excuse the double negative. "make sure you're not wearing a jacket that you don't mind piercing with four pins!"

That doesn't make sense at all, does it :-( I mean wear something that you don't mind sticking pins into.


lol as it's you your forgiven ;)


Thanks so much Swanscot that's really helpful advice. I was singing your praises on another blog this very morning. I am so excited as I feel like it is a gift to myself after all that hard training so plan to enjoy it. It is still quite surreal to think I can run 10k as I only started c25k in late October so am happy whatever happens.


Very best wishes for your first race run Jems. I've only done a Race for Life event, as a walker, before, but reading swanscot's tips brought it all back! I hadn't come across the idea of disposable warm layers before though - interesting that some places have a charity collection bin for them. If you go for bin bags, you'd better put a picture up on here!

Hope you have great fun with it, and lovely weather!


Yes the weather is looking lovely. They posted 0 % chance of rain Sunday lol. Thanks so much for you support. There should def be a pic but will it be bin bags?? Haha wait and see......

Jems x


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