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So pleased to be running outside today and a personal best yipeeeeee!!

After a few words of encouragement from my Husband I was persuaded to run outside again today as the temperatures were on their way up :) I decided to do a speed run as it had been a while since I did one.I completed the speed podcast intervals at 4km so decided to do a further 3 intervals to achieve 5km.I knew I was running faster than my previous attempts (treadmill runs during the winter weather must have paid off) time 5km in 32 mins my fastest yet (1 min 42secs faster than my previous attempt) It was only my third outdoor run this year and it's lovely to be running in the fresh air again.I hope to try for my first 10km run next week - fingers crossed spring is on the way :)) I am so relieved I haven't lost my stamina during the winter, all your advice was certainly right - you don't lose it that quickly and I'm glad I persevered with the treadmill too!

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congrats - that's fast!


Wow, well done!


I know what you mean with the temperatures. When I started the program and I planed to run the next day, my excitement would not be as much when I looked out and saw everything covered in white. I had days were I thought, why did I start this during the winter? But then actually enjoyed the runs in the cold. And a run can warm you up real quick ;-)


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