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Well- that was fun!

Just a quick note today. Today (having started in September) was my first run without Laura cheering me on. I took Swanscot's recommendation and tried out the Podrunner Skyline (could be Sky something else) interval podcast.

It went better than I could have expected - it was pretty cold when I went out (1 degree C) but I took my usual route so I knew where my 5 minute walk usually ended. Not appreciably warmer after 5 mins (I was wearing my lovely long-sleeved double layer t-shirt but decided against my trusty fleece today) I started the podcast. The idea of the podcast is to do 3 mins at 150 bpm, then 6 mins 155, then 3 x150, 6x160, 3x150, 6x 165 (get the pattern?) after increasing the pace of the long intervals 3 times it continues by reducing pace in successive intervals down to 160 and 155. I only ever intended to do the first three intervals, and I managed it pretty well, even though 6 minutes at 165 was quite hard work for this novice. I also have the knowledge that I can use the same podcast to improve stamina (I only did 30 mins out of about 50) and I can go up to the next level to do even faster bpm!

Music on this one is all instrumental but quite "young" - you feel a bit like a teenager at a rave but it was OK and at least didn't include "This One Rocks" (which is particularly grating on Stepping Stone after a few times around). One day I'll get around to sorting out music I like into a running playlist but having the bpm really helps me so I need to work on that for the music on my ipod.

As a bonus, Garmin worked fine today - it said that I managed 4.45 km in 31.27 mins which is close to PB pace for me :-D I haven't yet thought about how to change my program to incorporate this kind of run but will do so in coming days. I'm thinking that I may use it to replace Stepping Stones - but keep Speed once during the week and Stamina at the weekend as I have a personal goal of nailing it eventually :-)

OK - so not such a quick note - but I really wanted to thank Swanscot for encouraging me to try something different!

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