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Itching to run ...think it is catching :)

Was due to go running tonight W6R3 but due to teenagers and demands I am going to have to go tomorrow instead. Never thought I would say this but actually disappointed and now itching to get out there and run ... think I might be coming down with something!!!!

How does running get into your system so quickly ..when I thought I was immune to it :)

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It is weird isn't it? Don't know how they do it but there must be a subliminal message on those podcasts! Good luck tomorrow, don't forget to blog!


It is indeed very strange how it changes personalities! :) Enjoy your run tomorrow, hope it goes smoothly.


I agree, I ran 6r3 yesterday and should rest today, but then tomorrow is a business trip...... Can I really go two days without my running fix!

Good luck for 6r3. Look forward to the update!


I know the feeling, its funny how you look into the next run, Enjoy the run. Have fun!


managed to get my run in last night in the end ...made me feel much better :) Hope you all get a run soon x


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