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Is it cheating to run downhill?


Week 4 done! Run 1 was hard but such a good feeling to complete. Run 2 was harder (I always find this every week) particularly the final 5 min run where I was more dragging my legs than running. So today I decided to run up a (slight but steady) incline for the first half and then come back down for the second half. Boy was the last 5 min run easier! I ended up running my furthest distance and my fastest km split since starting C25K. I am really pleased to have made it to the end of the week but sort of feel like I cheated the second half even though I put in all the effort to go uphill in the first half. Is it cheating to make the second half easier?

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Yes, I do it often. It's an excellent way of cheating. Well done! :-)


I frequently plan my assault on the local roads in a similar way! I never see it as cheating as you have to go up first in order to run down.....!? All evens out in the end! Good luck.

HiddenGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

An, but what if you carefully plan it so that the uphill is covered by the warm up walk. Not that I would ever do that of course!!!


No, it's your reward! The parkrun I go to is about 1/3 uphill, 1/3 flat and 1/3 downhill, the downhill section is my treat to myself for running uphill!


Not cheating at all, hills have ups and downs. And if you're ever having a bad run day, skip the uphill :)


The First Law of the Universe says " For every hill that thou runs down - thou must run up another!!!

I think that Law was discovered by the same dude who discovered the 2nd Law of the Universe which says - "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed"

It may have been Albert Einstein when he was young and still living in Tasmania - this was before he fell in love with Marie Curie and was the first to discover how to put bubbles into beer!!

He wrote some good music too!!

Purple_faced_womanGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

One of my favourite films - I particularly loved his mum knitting a jumper direct from the back of a sheep!


Is it cheating? No! What goes up must come down. If we could only run up hills, some of us would have reached the top of Everest by now ;) Happy running -both up hill and down :)


Thanks all! I feel better for all the encouragement. I will now think about a mix of uphill and downhill sections, especially when I get to the dreaded W5R3!

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