Is Princess love cheating on me?!!?

Come on's just a feeling but I am ready for the truth.

Ok so I had my first exciting, from princess love (ok nothing wrong with being confident) but it was a bit suggestive of romance anyone know how to report a message spammer or to whom?

"Hello Dear

My name is princess I saw your profile today and get interested to know you, because you look very nice in your profile, here is my email address .( ********* ) please send me an email so that i will send you my photos and tell you more about my self,mail me at( ********** ).Remember distance,color,religion or tribe does not matter but love matters a lot.kiss princess"

So tell me what do you think....true love or spam?

Jems (heterosexual vegetarian)


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24 Replies

  • Dear Princess, I'm Mabbers and I am a leo and like long runs in the rain, and the sleet and the snow and the wind. Hey, come back! Where are you going?

  • :D :D :D

    Works far better than reporting them! ;)

  • Lmao.....Must have been the mention of wind mabbers ;)

    update: took her details out of the post just in case....l

  • Well, since she also wrote to me, I guess she's cheating on you Jeddahpm!! I did find the bit about me looking nice in my profile pic rather charming though. I obviously have a beautiful silhouette... :-)

  • Devastated Dottie but the blue definitely suits you! I liked that she took the time to comment on that too mind you my judging from that pic my moon could do with a polish.

    Plus it's been a while since I met anyone who was so liberal about my that's restored my faith in human nature ;)

  • I think it's true love Jedda, although the fact that she started her message "Hello Dear" suggests to me you've lucked out with an 85 year old named Gladys.

    Which may not necessarily be a deal breaker for you.....

  • Doh!

  • Very funny! I missed all the princesslove posts, as they'd all been deleted by the time I got on here yesterday, and couldn't work out what was going on. Thanks, Jems!

    What's wrong with 85 year olds called Gladys anyway? - they could still have another 16 years of running left in them.

  • Do you draw the line at 101 then greenlegs lol ;) I had a car called Gladys.......lovely she was....

  • Just going on the recent link about a 101-yr old who'd decided to give up running marathons. :)

  • 85 years old or Gladys is one thing Greeners but 85 AND named Gladys is just not on!

  • WOW! She sent me a few messages too saying I was very pretty! She must really go for 49.5 year old female runners who's pic is after a run in the snow! Now I feel bad to think it just wasn't me...she was playing me...I feel used... :-(

  • A FEW!!! I only had ONE! Stop it Gayle just stop it.......

  • :-) :-) I can't help it if I'm beautiful!!! ;-) Steve was out of town that night...I was trying to figure out how I was going to break the news to him that I was running off with a Princess. ;-) Then something occurred to me that it could be heart is heavy today...I guess I will just stay a middle aged wife woman, married with kids and grandkids... no such thing as a fairy-tale after all. :-(

  • I think perhaps your fabulousness was just too much for her after all!!

  • You need to update your profile, Gayle! I just went to check out your lovely photo, to see what the princess was after, and noticed no mention of 60 minutes and 8k!

    Maybe she'll come back for you then?

  • Hey you lot! I thought she was mine!!!! :D

  • Fiiigggghhhttttt!

  • I just checked my inbox- NOTHING. I've been rejected by Princess Love. That's the worst thing that's happened to me all day.

  • :( lol

  • I'm beginning to think she wasn't even a real princess :-(

  • "Hello dear".... sounds like the ghost of Michael Winner is haunting these boards... :-)

  • And I'd even told my parents I was dating a princess.

    I'd planned the big wedding, complete with all the royals and Pippa Middleton's bottom :(

  • Hmm I have to agree with pasty man in that am starting to think she may not have been a real propper princess :( wepre your parents must be devastated. Give them my best....sob

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