I *love* my new step-counting Princess

I've never had a "fitness band" (fitbit, vivofit, withings, whatever-else-they-may-be-called), but my new Princess (my years of living in Essex within spitting distance of London's East End has resulted in my Garmin being renamed Princess Charming, which then of course gets shortened to Princess) has built-in a fitness tracker. So it counts steps, bleeps at me when it think I've been sitting still for too long, and generally tries its best to encourage me to move around more. Bless.

Anyway, even though I've only had it for three days, but have already found several ways of cheating. It seems that any kind of rhythmic hand movement can trigger the step counting as well. This morning I earned 200 steps from brushing my teeth. Last night it was 300 steps for doing the dishes. Just shaking a t-shirt before putting it on also increases the daily count. So rather than being a slave to the machine, I'm having a jolly good time trying to find as many different ways as possible to increase the step count without actually taking any steps. It may not do a lot for my waist line (running is already sorta kinda taking care of that), but it sure amuses me *lol*


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11 Replies

  • :) Which Garmin have you got Tomas?

    I'm getting a FR15 for Christmas which I think counts your steps too. I was considering wearing it all the time for that reason but I don't think I could be doing with it beeping at me at my desk in work! Haha.

  • It's a 920, an extravagant gift to myself that I justified by telling myself it'll be great at measuring swimming and cycling as well, and that it can even (supposedly, haven't tried it yet) be used for navigation.

    I'm fortunate enough to be working from home most of the time, but the get-moving beep is so discreet that I don't think anyone else would hear it. And it's particularly during working hours that I need the reminder to get up and move about a bit every now and then. Having said that, Garmins are not exactly fashion statements, so I'm not sure I'd be as keen on using it full time if I was putting on a suit every day to go to the office.

  • Ooh that's a bobby dazzler! ;) Does it do the dishes for you as well? Hehe. :D

    I tend to go for a wander round quite regularly anyway (I think!)

    Very jealous I have to say.. hope you enjoy using it!

  • Haha :D love the idea of thinking up ways to fool your Garmin. Just wait til you go to see a good play or concert. A round of applause could look very impressive ;)

  • Good thinking!

    I wonder if the rhythmic movement of repeatedly lifting a beer glass works as well. Might have to reserve a few hours over the weekend for research!

  • The Tags for this post are great. Shaking Spitting Essex.

  • hahaha, good thinking! (I'll probably also be seasick while on dry land, but that might just be the price to pay)

  • Love it Tomas. I bought the same one for my wife for Crimbo as she is a keen swimmer i didn't know about the steps though but Black friday was too good to miss :-)

  • Am I the only one who had filthy thoughts? ..I'll get me coat...

  • No I just didn't want to think about it

  • What on Earth are you talking about dear? I have absolutely no idea ;-)

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