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6r3 nailed after ankle issue

Well back running again after over a week's rest due to an ankle injury. 2 minutes into my previous attempt my left ankle just gave up and could barely walk let alone run.

Today, rather than going back a level, I thought I would try for the 6r3 again. I bought an ankle support in the week and visited my doctor. He was really excellent and suggested that I was running too much on my heel. This is one part of the programme that maybe should be changed as I distinctly remember the advice to land on the heals from Laura.

Anyway, armed with my ankle support, podcast and a will to succeed, I started my treadmill at 6.4 km/hr for the walk. All felt good and once instructed to run, my ankle felt OK enough to speed up to my normal 9.6.

10 minutes gone with no issues!

15 minutes - can I stop yet?

20 minutes - did someone remove my lungs?

OMG it was hard from then. I was concentrating on landing on the front of my feet and avoiding my heels. This seemed even harder than the last long run, but eventually Laura said I could walk again. Oh, the joy of it! I had knocked this one into touch and my ankle was still OK.

Stats: 5.2km run and walked and a max heart rate 174 (well into the red on my polar chart).

Feel really tired now, but content. Even my wife and son congratulated me this time (a major first from my wife) and looking forward to the next one.

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Well look at you! Welcome to week 7!!! :-) Yes, Laura does state to try to land on the heel and you are correct, it can cause all sorts of issues. From reading, it seems a mid-foot strike is best if you can manage it. Glad the ankle support worked for you and that you found the cause to your problem. I bet your family is very proud of you and I bet it made you feel great to have them recognize your progress. Gayle


Thanks Gayle

When I did the 5r3, I got a very luke warm reaction from particularly my wife, so blogged to get some plaudits. This time I got some praise from both wife and son. What a difference 5 mins makes!

Onto the 7th week now and the belief I can do it getting stronger.

Still not sure I would call myself a runner, but certainly getting there.


well done! if it's any consilation I mid foot strike as had read to ignore lauras dodgy heel strike advice but have still hurt ankle anyway. ..!


Thanks for your comment. Sorry you got injured even though you were doing it correctly. To tell the truth, I have not ever considered how I run until now.... Just keeping going was (is) the difficult part, but hope I can avoid the pain of the ankle injury as I progress.

Still strange that the advice has not been changed I think!


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