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Couch to 5K
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Guess what I've done?

I've done W5R3! Yes I have!

I've amazed myself at each run ( I use the word very loosely) by completing it. I hear Laura tell me to stop running and I can't quite grasp I've finished . It all seems very surreal.

I've approached each new run thinking that this will be the one that tells me enough but somehow I get through the run.

I really thought this would be the one when I would hang my shoes up and go back to my couch. Nope. I did it. I ran (once again this is a very fluid use of the word) for 20 minutes and it didn't kill me and I don't care anymore who sees me. I smile at people and they normally smile back.


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It is SO WEIRD to find yourself enjoying this, isn't it!

Well done you! Over half way there now...


Brilliant! Lovely blog. Once you've done that one, you know you can finish the programme - it might be tough, but you can most definitely do it. And how fantastic it is too. :)


Very well done! :-) Gayle


Thank you. Still feeling dead chuffed . Am I really passed the half way mark?


Yup. 27 sessions total, you've just done session 15! :D Plus, you've run more than half the graduation 30 minutes. Chuff chuff chuff!


Well done! Great feeling isn't it! Not far to go now til you get your graduate badge!


Now there's a thought.


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