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Speed or Distance?

Last week, on my weekend run, I hit 10k on a run. I was ecstatic. On Saturday just gone, I went out again on my weekend run and not only hit 10k, but took 2 minutes off that time *does a little dance*

So now, my question is this. I'm planning on partaking in a 10k race in 6 weeks time, the Bolt round the Holt here in Surrey. It's a 10k trail race which nerves me slightly.

I know I can do the 10k now, but doing it on trail is a different matter although I've been told it's a compacted forest trail and is near enough like roads.

Do I continue to do 10k at the weekends and try to improve my speed (with the help of fast 5k's and intervals during the week) or do I continue to try to extend my weekend runs to gradually build up by adding a 1k or so each week.

What would be the best course of action?

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It really comes down to personal preference, I think. Me, I'd be inclined to stick at running 10k, and doing speed work, but if you have your sights set on being able to run further, then maybe add a little extra distance on...

Not a helpful answer - sorry! ;)


I'm the opposite to RainbowC ;-) I'd go for endurance. You're getting speed training with your intervals and tempo (fast 5k) runs during the week and I think running 10km fast every week would be over-training. I'd continue to increase the long runs by about 10% each week, but stepping down on the 4th week, and run these slowly - at conversational pace. Building your endurance will help with 10K pace, especially since you're also doing speed training.


I run on forest trails and on roads and my forest trail runs are much much easier - just more give underfoot


I'd go for distance over speed as well, as Swanscot said you are already doing intervals and tempo runs


Great question and I like the answers and reasoning given, I think I might start in a couple of weeks following swanscot and morningglory recommendations.

Good look with the trail and training, you must feel great getting another 10K under your belt.


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