Move along now my Dearies all is well!

Just a quick one! No sniggering at the back, I'm on veggie chopping duty as the 1-9's are watching Dancing on sh**te, hmmmmm Damn these evil Dovaric's

All went at a nice pace for the allotted 30:00, and off I jumped like your man Mick with his weekly injection. So one to go, and I'm feeling great.

I will finish my veg duties, and peruse later...Ttfn.


10 Replies

  • Erm Dale.....are you feeling alright?

  • Nearly there Dale. Home straight!

    All the best for run 27 ;-)


  • Not sure which made me laugh most, Dale's post, or Fingalo's response!

    Go for it Dale! Have a great grad run. :)

  • Hahaha well done Dale.....enjoy your chopping x

  • Oh and a fabulous grad run :)

  • Enjoy you next run ... Graduation is calling you :)

    Well done ..and hope the veg was as well chopped as the run!

  • ooh check you - I have fallen a week behind!

    Enjoy your veggies and your grad run! :-)

  • You veggie chopping devil, you. ;-) Congratulations and happy to read you're enjoying grad week! Looking forward to that Graduation blog!! :-) Gayle

  • Well done Dale! Week 9 already! Enjoy your graduation run!

  • Erm... I'm pleased if you are, Dale? :D I can't wait for your graduation post! Seriously, I hope you have a great grad run - all the best for it.


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