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Week 1, Run 2

Was raring to go this morning with my new, professionally-fitted training shoes (were a bit more ££ than I'd planned) but I thought I'd be walking/running on air and flying round.

But actually I found it harder today :(. Don't know whether my one minute jogs were faster than they'd been on Friday for run 1. I've got MapMyRun up and running now as well so I'll be able to compare speeds etc after Run 3 next Tuesday. But I did make it round and that felt good.

I'm mapping a new route each time to keep it interesting. Trying to discover roads in my area I've never been down before using Google maps and Google earth to plot out the approximate distance. Covered 2.38 miles this morning and burned 244 calories. Saw some lovely snowdrops and crocuses coming up.

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Hi Pam, sounds like you had a lovely run. :) I'm looking forward to seeing some spring flowers, hopefully soon! Being able to keep track of your progess is great, but try not to worry about getting faster already. You don't want to risk doing too much too soon and causing an injury.


In my experience new kit always takes a bit of getting used to and can feel worse at first because it's different to what you're used to.


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