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C25K Week 3 - challenge complete!

To my absolute amazement I managed to get through Week 3 with no real dramas to report.

I started out last Sunday morning with the intention of doing Week 3 Run 1 to prove to people that I wasn't ready and would be repeating Week 2. However, despite some desperate huffing and puffing during the last 3 minute run I did ok. When I got home I don't think that my husband (who's just finished Week 7) could quite believe it - and in fairness, neither could I!

Run 2 on Tuesday was the same. Did ok until the last 90 second run and found the last minute of the 3 minute run totally exhausting but again, I made it. By Run 3 on Thursday morning the last 60 seconds were still killing me on that last 3 minutes and I was feeling a bit anxious about Week 4 because I wouldn't be starting till Monday. That near 4 days rest was worrying me, seemed too long between runs, so last night I decided to do a 4th Week 3 run and I'm so glad I did. For the first time EVER I felt like I could do it and could even do a few more seconds. It was an amazing feeling and whilst I still don't think I'm ready for running 3 mins, 5 mins on Week 4, I will definitely try.

I will post tomorrow to say if I managed it or not. However, I'm not afraid of having to repeat a week if necessary, this is for my long term health and not a race with everyone else.

Thanks for all your continued comments and support, means a great deal, and hope that all of you are doing ok too :-) x

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Well done, keep going, you're doing brilliantly. Listen to Laura - you CAN do it!


You really are doing well. :)

I read somewhere that the way to deal with the negativity gremlins is to think of them as little fluffy friends who want to help us, because they think we are in danger and want to protect us. We just have to show them who's boss, and tell them that we are not actually in danger at all, and that they are actually putting us off, so they need to be quiet!

Then go out and show them,. As esprit says, listen to Laura, not fluffy gremlins! :)

That feeling of 'I really can do it' is not to be sneezed at. Wonderful!


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