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Went out and tried Week 3


I went out and tried week 3, first 90 seconds ok, then came the 3 minutes and burst into tears, although I carried on ... I was glad to commence the walk part as I was emotional, realising that I will lose my home due to a serial cheat, because I reported what he did to CID he will now endure I’m homeless..

pulled myself together and did the next 90 seconds , that was ok, the next run was 3 minutes again and felt breathless, mouth dry but I did it, I even did an extra minute... I cried when I finished but because I didn’t fail I managed to do it, was going to go straight to Week 4, I think will do Week 3 all this week as need to blow cobwebs and learn to breath again.

Thank you for all the support offered on here... it meant so much as I felt so alone... I may not be as strong as I hope, but I pray to god that one day I come though this trauma and I’m not as badly scarred as I believe I am. God willing x x

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Keep running...keep trying.....I know you've done it before (so you know you can do it again) but I would say stick to the programme instead of jumping ahead, to be kind to yourself at this difficult time, and to give yourself achievable milestones. We're all behind you!

heledwGraduate in reply to Indigogirl

Thank you so much

Hi heledw,

Well done for going out and running. It shows great spirit and although really hard as you are feeling so bruised and emotional, let it become something you concentrate on succeeding at, a little victory if you like...😊

Yes, keep on with Week 3 thats what you have decided, and you will get better and better at it. You are in control of this 😊xx

heledwGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I had to do something or if honest break... I still may break but it will be because I lost everything... but at least I can say I’ve tried


Take it very, very slowly.... try to find some support too from friends maybe or family if possible:)

The running may help, if you try and relax into it and take it gently as you try to sort out your thoughts.

heledwGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Sad but true no friends as wasn’t allowed out without him...

the running is all I have so need to come through the thoughts and negativity


A great effort indeed.

While running is great for distraction and mood enhancing, I have read that it is unwise to do any strenuous physical exercise while angry.......it is not good for the heart.

You will pull through and I send you best wishes.

Keep running, keep smiling.

heledwGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you so much... heart at moment least of worries, apologies if that sounds harsh.


Good job. You can do this (and I mean running and surviving) try and fill your head with positivity when you run. It'll make it easier to breathe!

heledwGraduate in reply to helenwheels

That’s what I struggled with yesterday hence the tears, but I MUST do this or break



Just went out and failed week 3 day 2 as head torch not working... so back home, alarm set for 06:45 as I’m going to do this... been playing I’m alive by Celine Dion .... “I know that I’m alive “ that verse makes me cry although it’s also the part that I hope brings me realisation that my him ...... me isn’t the end of me...

Any other strong songs I can run too please

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