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Couch to 5K
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Got to week 8 last year and was so chuffed. Sadly crappy weather & the flu got in the way. I still do duathlons but power walk instead of run. I recently came 1st in group & 2nd overall in a series. Go me!

On 14th April I'm doing the Muddy Good Run. 5km of running, walking, crawling, climbing & sliding through obstacles. It should take about 90 mins to do 5km.

So, I'm back to get my fitness up a bit before the "race".

Day 1 today & I found it pretty easy going. Looking forward to the next one.

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Well done and good luck on the muddy good run :-)


That sounds like an interesting, if messy, race! 90 minutes is a good long time to keep going with mud and obstacles. Enjoy your c25k journey - you'll probably breeze through it this time! :)


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