Graduated .... Yippee

I can't believe it!! I've finished the programme :-) I struggled to run 1 min but have managed to 'run' 35!! I look like I'm going to have a stroke or heart attack right from the start. I'm annoyed that I haven't managed to actually do 5km but have to keep reminding myself I have achieved a fab goal. I remember feeling a real panic about the 5 min run.

Thank you Laura you've helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible, & I've already downloaded the 5km+ to keep going. Got the Windsor race for life on Sunday so fingers crossed I can go the extra distance

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  • Many many congratulations to you loubou! Very impressed indeed am i! And wow, you've got a race run thingie booked in for Sunday - have yourself a fanTABulous time, running your socks off, you proper runner you!!! :-)

  • Congratulations!! This is fantastic. I was just reflecting yesterday on the panic I felt at the step up from running 1 to 3 minutes and look at us go now!

    Good luck with the race and do let us know how you're doing post-graduation :)

  • Great news ! Very good luck for your run on Sunday.

  • Well done and good luck for Sunday. Having other runners around you will push you I'm sure - you got this! Just mind you don't take off too quick at the start with the sub-20 minute lot... :)

  • Congrats thats amazing! Don't worry about not getting to the actal 5k yet what you achieved is a massive goal in itself. :) I really hope I will be able to do 35 minutes of running at the end of this too. Good luck in the Windsdor race for life.

  • Fantastic, well done! Enjoy the RFL and your future running x

  • Well done! I too look as if death is imminent, since I go neon pink, but I've got used to it now. Enjoy your running.

  • Fantastic achievement and congratulations on your graduation :) well done.

  • whoop whoop, Im right behind you !!!

  • Thanks everyone

    It's fab getting positive responses to keep you motivated. After reading a few this morning I set off determined to do the 5km & did it in 37 mins. :-) I'll definitely keep on reading the blogs & joining in.

  • Wahey. Congratulations. Go you. X

  • Congratulations! Will join you soon :)

  • I still take around 37 minutes to run 5k but I'm thrilled I'm out there running at all!

  • Way to go loubou!! Its amazing when you think back isn't it? - everytime those gremlins appear I kick their butts by thinking back to my first 5 min run when I thought I was going to either cry or die, and death seemed the easier option lol I am doing a mixture of running to my own tracks and the c25k+ podcasts as I realised that I need the odd push from Laura to remind me that I am capable of more. Good luck with the race for life. Hope all goes well : )

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