Starting on this challenging road..... Nervous and scared but oddly excited!!

I did W1R1 last night and i am impressed that I managed to do the 8 one minute jogs!! I can't imagine doing more than i did last night let alone half an hour!!

I have recently lost 5 stone and still have 2stone to go and want to set myself the challenge of doing a 5k run this summer- maybe "race for life"?? Why..because I have been overweight or obese all my life and now at the age of 42 I am getting my act together. I was the fat kid who couldn't run...

I want to do things I never thought I could do and running 5K is the first.

Am I mad?? Can I do it?? Will I have the motivation to do it?? I am enjoying reading all the blogs and comments on here as they are so inspiring.

Oh well rest day today and then W1R2 tomorrow after work.

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  • Hi you've done the hardest bit, getting started! Well done to you for losing the weight, that's amazing and good luck with the running, you'll soon be addicted!!


  • Believe you me, if you stick with it, you'll be able to do a 5k all right.

  • Well done for startiing on what will be a challenging but wondeful journey. I started the program last September never having been able to run and i'm now traing for a 10K run in June. Even when it's tough have faith in the program it really does work.

    Good luck, Allie

  • Welcome! Keep going - you've taken the most significant step, which is starting. Keep blogging, and the support on here will carry you through. It really is well worth it. :)

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