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Shall I or Shan't I & the story of RHR of 30 bpm

Firstly, wondering if I should have a little run on my dodgy ankle tomorrow. It's not really painful but just not right. Might see how the day pans out.

As you have probably been reading I have been trying to establish my MHR and my RHR my RHR came down as low as 30 bpm but I think I now know why. I think at the point it went down to 30 bpm for about 3 minutes I was actually just about to doze back to sleep. Apparently your BPM can get down to this sort of level while asleep. Your RHR needs to be measured while your awake so mine was between 45 -55 bpm while rested but awake. I will try again tomorrow and Saturday (this morning forgot to take my Garmin upstairs so did get to measure). I will keep you all posted.

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Phew!! Glad to hear it! I was a bit worried about the 30bpm I must admit..... I was reading afterwards that you could be close to unconsciousness with that reading so did wonder if maybe it wasn't fitting correctly but dozing explains it........or hibernating in this cold weather!! :) ;)



Aha - that explains it! Glad you're still going! Take care with that ankle though. :)


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