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W5R2 in the bag... next it's the big one!

Well, I have just completed week 5 run 2. Found the 2nd 8 minute stint a little tricky as I got a stitch after a couple of minutes. I slowed down a bit and recovered sufficiently to speed for the last couple of minutes and even continue on for another minute after the 8 were up.

Feeling ready for the big step up to 20 minutes and really hoping I don't get a stitch. I'm sure there will be some tips on here to help avoid that happening!

I'm also trying to decide which event(s) to sign up for this year so that I can keep my motivation up after I complete the programme. Plenty of 5ks and 10ks to chose from and some decent trail runs too - really looking forward to trying these!

All the best to everyone, no matter what stage you are at - well done for getting out there!

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I think the suggested prevention of a stitch is some water before you run, the cure is what you did, slow down a bit until it passes.


Well done barry, I do w5 r2 tomorrow, so you are just one step ahead of me! Have noted Fingalo's water tip. Good luck for the 20 minutes!


I'm sure you will do it no probs. Enjoy!


Well done! Enjoy the feeling at the end of the 20 - it is magical! When you've got this far, there's no doubt you can do it. :)


My next one is W5R3 too!!! I'm nervous but excited too. I suffer from stitch too, and I always find the first few minutes pretty sore on my lower legs but after that I'm okay. I'm also looking at all the 5Ks and 10Ks around, but don't want to push myself too far too soon. Excited to have found this new hobby that is making me feel so great!!!


Hi this is my next one as well!! nervous or what!!


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