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Tried the big 5k!!

You may have seen my other post where I was undecided, after having run 30mins Wk6 R3 whether to jump up to 5k.

I got up this morning with a bit of a headache / fuzzy head. Probably a bit dehydrated after yesterdays 30min run and 40min of brisk walking.

Got dressed and ventured out on to the Coastal Path outside my house. It is a very cold day with a biting icy wind.

At this point I decided I felt 'ok' and would (after a 5 min walk) just set off, using the Runkeeper App and see what happended.

Straight away my legs felt heavy and I doubted whether I'd be able to do 5k, especially as the course had 2 hills in it.

Nevertheless, off I went. The first mile was an age coming. Then the second came - almost 30mins in and I thought, this is going to be a 45min 5k so I'll quit at 30mins again.

Shortly after though I had circumnavitaged the lake and had the second and last hill to go.

Struggled to the top and enjoyed the little respite running down - 30mins was now done.

Looking what was left, a short run on the prom, and a loop around the dock - just breaking it down to what was left then didn't seem so bad. This decision coincided with an upbeat Killers song coming on my iPod - which helped!

Now I noticed that my toe was hurting a bit (think I need to cut my toenails - sorry - TMI).

Plodded on though I did - all the way to 5k.

Time was never going to be important but I was glad nevertheless that my 5k was below 40mins (39.51).

Home, had a shower and breakfast and feeling good.

Working from home today on a presentation, so a leisurely day ahead on the computer.

48hours then until my next run - will keep at 5k now for a few weeks and then step up distance. I have entered a 10k at the end of June :)

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well done! enjoy the toe nail cutting - but not too short! :-)


Congratulations - sounds like a pretty good run once you'd finished it! :)

Hope your toenail doesn't go black and fall off! Yeurch! Apparently quite a common thing for runners, I'm told. Well, it wasn't me that raised the subject of toenails!


Fair play to you Lifers, it's a lovely feeling when you push yourself and achieve what you're after.


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