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The Big Hill Part 2 - Longest Run To Date 11k

Just come back from my 10k training long slow run. Decided to complete the same 10k course I did last time but see if I could do a few extra loops to extend it to 11k. Half way round is the enormous hill which fills me with dread but again I managed to run all the way up (almost walked once but gave myself a talking too) although I did think my lungs were about to burst at one point. I did the loops and made the 11k mark in 1hr 20 mins, which I didn't think was bad. The interesting thing is that when I look at my Garmin stats and my split times I am really consistent my first 3 miles were 10.50, 10.53, 10.55 - the hill was 13.40 then the next 3 miles were 11.16, 11.13, 11.18

My 10k race is in two weeks, initially I was just going to think about getting round in one piece, but now I know I can run the distance comfortably I thinking I need to give myself a little bit of a challenge. The race is on a dead flat course so next week might do a 10k somewhere flat and see what time I do that in and then shave a bit off for race conditions. Not really sure - any advice.

Question for all those doing 10k training - what is your plan after your 10k race. More 10ks, half marathon or marathon?

I'm planning to do a couple more 10k's and hopefully do a half marathon in September/October time. After that I will consider whether I think I could possible do a marathon.

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cant see you having any problems if you can run 11k with a great big hill aswell :) bet you felt great mastering that hill. your times are great too.

I moved onto half marathon after 10k but it took me a year to decide to do it.

good luck with your 10k race. shelley x


Thanks Shelly - Yes the hill is a killer but there is no other way of getting home. Encouraging that you have moved from 10k to half marathon. I think I am going to do my first 10k (beginning of March) not worry too much about my time but just enjoy it. There is another one a month later (same course) so if all is well I will enter that and try to smash my first time. I will then make a decision re the half marathon.


Way to go, as they say!! Well done morningglory. You'll be fine with the 10k race I'm sure. I have been following B210k and am doing fine with the speed/distance. I just haven't quite finished the programme (week 5 run 1 today) so hope to do the full 60 minutes from next Sunday. Have promised myself that I would do my local parkrun too but that's probably a few weeks down the line. Have not yet had a look at 10k races but will look into it. Agreed with a friend to do a half marathon next year and will start planning that after Easter. . Happy running.Cheers


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