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Week 5 to continue?!

I managed week 5 run 1 last night ...just! What do I do next, just try W2R2 and give it a real good go, but risk not making 8 minutes or repeat R1 again?

Is it just in my head but 8 minutes still seems a huge step up ..advice greatly appreciated.

Also ended run and by end of the cool down I had a really horrid painful 'cold' pain in my ankles went but wasn't sure what it was about... any ideas?

Thanks for support ... :)

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Most likely answer - it is just in your head! And you wouldn't be the first by miles!

Give it a go, going nice and slowly, assuming your ankles behave. And if you don't make it - you haven't failed, you've just been brave enough to risk trying. Doesn't matter if it takes several tries. Failing is not going out the door. :)


Totally agree, give run 2 a go and you may just surprise yourself. Your body is probably more prepared than your mind at this point, but you should be ready for it.

If not, just try it again or drop back a run. There is no such thing as a 'failed' run - if you make it out of the door, you've cracked the hard bit


yep, if you managed run 1 then you are sure to manage run 2. just take each section slow & steady & keep telling yourself "I can do this" & make those running demons go away. good luck. let us know how you get on.


Thanks for advice ... think that is it, go for it and try ... at the moment i run round and round the park ... should i brave moving out of it? i like the park as it is flat but not sure if repetition just makes it seem longer?

run due tomorrow.

thanks again.


Think you should go for it! Like others have said keep an eye on your ankles and slow down if need be. The route is nothing, it's the one in your head that counts, best of luck.



My feet went dead in W5R3 but I think it was really about how tight my laces were. It really is mental torture now. Your legs will keep going if you tell them to. Different routes help too to stimulate the old brain cells.


Think I need to check my laces, as pain in ankles did not feel like a strain just a really cold dull ache and it got better once shoes and socks off. My bp makes my ankles swell slightly sometimes, though this is much better than it has been.

Thanks :)


daisy, you make an excellent point about laces being too tight! I think this is something most of us don't consider - we just lace up like we do for normal shoes. There are excellent articles online that discuss different ways to lace shoes for maximum comfort and support. Here's just one - worth checking out.


I'd echo what's already been said. Around that part of the programme I was racked with doubt! But I came through each one, and you will too! And if not, as has been said above, there's always the next run to get it done. Good luck, you can do it.


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