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Need spring to come! Week 7


So I managed to get week 7/1 completed a week ago but things are getting hard, running on a treadmill for 25 minutes is driving me mad, its a mental thing and although my body is moaning my calf is playing up slightly and my lungs are screaming, its the boredom factor that is preventing me from doing week 7.

I can now understand the psychological hurdles in these longer runs but I am sure running over the country park on a spring day the time will pass quicker.........wont it?

Anyway I have been ill for the last week and working away so have not ran but today I am going to force myself into the gym and re-do week 6 in the hope that warmer weather will arrive in the next week or try to find a way of zoning out on the treadmill.

On the bright side though I have gone from 89Kg to 82Kg since Xmas day so a stone lost (in old money!) is a great thing, this running lark does help the weight loss!!

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That is really impressive weight loss - give yourself a big pat on the back! :)

I really can't imagine running for longer than about ten minutes on a treadmill (no, that's a lie - I can't imagine treadmill running at all). I can't remember whether you have a particular reason for using a treadmill, but it sounds like the sooner you get outside the better! Feeling cold doesn't last long, and it's possible to do a loop round to the starting point to drop off a layer or two - that has worked well for me on a couple of my runs. Otherwise I just end up carrying stuff, but that's not that big a problem really.

Hope you're feeling much more cheery very soon. :)


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