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Oh my giddy gallstones!!

Set out this morning with no real goal in mind except to reach 7k, wasn't bothered about pace or time. The conditions were just about perfect for me - cool, damp and just a light breeze. I felt good, my breathing settled down very quickly and I felt sure 7k was definitely on.

Couldn't resist checking my pace though, just to compare with Weds runs and was pleased with 6:38 for the first 1K. Anyway, I carried on at a steady pace, ran down to the major road junction and turned to retrace. I was undecided about tackling the dreaded slope but it's there and I can't keep avoiding it so pushed myself up it stride by stride!

Checked my distance and I'd done over 5K and was still going well so wondered if it might be possible to aim for 8K. Well, I had nothing to lose so made the decision to just keep going until I couldn't go any more.

And I ran 10.04K. In I:06:30.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this - it seems ridiculous! Couch to 10k in 16 weeks. I'm under no illusion that I'll be able to regularly repeat it but I do know that it is in me and I that gives me a huge confidence boost.

And the irony is that we have a local 10k run tomorrow which passes through parts of my route and the roads will be closed, which is why I ran today instead!

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Awesome achievement Dottie! You have every reason to be chuffed!! :)



Wow, Dottie, that is really something to be proud of - a first 10k and in a very respectable speed indeed. Will you be cheering on the racers tomorrow! Or trotting alongside them?!


Oh my, what a lovely story! You are amazing!


Thanks all - just have to hope I can repeat it some time soon!

Greeny, I cheered the runners on from the comfort of my sofa, with a cuppa and a garibaldi!

Yes, I know I should have been out there, but...... ;-)


wow. well done! :)


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