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Arrghhh :-(

Completed Week 4 C25K and was about to start week 5 and have been struck down but a throat full of razor blades and someone sitting on my chest :-( .

No excercise at all since Tuesday - not even my beloved Zumba.

What do people do to recover?

Shall I redo week 4 as week 5 seemed like a scary prospect with so much time off?

Don't want this to be an excuse to quit as I still want to graduate. Feeling very down :-(

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I would aim to go for w5 - you have prepared for it by completing w4. You will not lose much fitness by taking it easy for a week until you feel well once more. It's a pain but best to get rid of the lurgy first.


I agree with PeaBea. Be kind to yourself and get better first, but you'll probably find you can do week 5. No reason for it to be an excuse to quit, is there? (I know what you mean though!) If it takes a week or so longer to complete the programme, so what? Things always look worse when you're poorly. Have some hugs, ((((((bexyboo)))))) and get well soon. :)


Defo take a break, you won't lose hardly if any fitness in a week!

Hope you get better soon



Thank you so much for your support. It is easier to understand if I put into perspective. I have been single 18 months. I was living with a guy since 2007 n before that married since 1990. My ex partner was jealous n possessive n I slipped into a life that he controlled. I lost my friends n my children suffered. I started to do this and finally started believing in my self and my ability and putting everything into perspective !! I can do it and want to do it - just hate feeling rough n scared of the impact it will have. Thank you for your encouragement


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