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C25K Week 1 report

Well, I did it! I have completed Week 1 of the C25K programme.

When I started on Monday I thought that I would never be able to do it. I could hardly breathe and found that I was doing everything the tips told me not to - don't hunch over, don't look down, don't tense your hands etc. By the time I finished the brisk cool down walk I couldn't put one foot in front of the other, my chest felt like it was going to burst, my breathing was erratic and I was crying with a mixture of frustration and pain.

On Wednesday I felt more confident and much better. No tears. Breathing still laboured, running still heavy footed, but felt like I had accomplished something.

My husband started this plan in January but I couldn't because of a broken rib. He came with me Monday and Wednesday for motivation but ended up completely demoralising me. Not his fault. He was fitter than me to start with but he's now on Week 5 and as I'm huffing and puffing and trying not to be sick during my 60 second runs, he's just walking briskly beside me. So off-putting.

Friday was a different story to Wednesday. Again I felt defeated at the end of it and made the mistake of listening ahead to Week 2 after finishing my cool down. After silently cursing Laura (nothing personal, honestly, just the pain talking), I felt so down in the dumps.

However, once I'd had time to think I decided that I'm going to give it a go and if it is too much for me then I shall just repeat Week 1 until I feel ready. I refuse to give up on this. Not only do I need to do it to become healthier and fitter, I need to be able to keep up with my 7-year-old daughter who regularly runs 5K in about 30 minutes! And running should also help with my oesteopenia which will hopefully stave off the onset of oesteoporosis.

My friends all look at me like I'm stupid when I say I'm unfit, but I keep trying to tell them that just because I'm a size 10-12 does not make me fit. Just like someone larger isn't necessarily unfit. I know plenty of people bigger than me that would beat me hands down in any type of race. I haven't exercised regularly since school - I left in 1990 - and I have to accept that this isn't going to be easy and I may have to repeat weeks. However, if there is one thing on my side it's the fact that I have terrific willpower - gave up smoking because I decided I wanted to, lost 4 stone because I decided it was the time to do it - and I will do it. On the downside I am probably one of the world's greatest pessimists, it's a constant battle of wills. And no, I'm not schizophrenic as far as I know!

Right, Week 1 done, Week 2 here I come!

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Welcome and we'll done for completing w1. You might want to not go out running with your partner for a while to enable you to build up your confidence and develop your stamina and to find the pace that is right for YOU. Keep blagging on here to mark your progress and to help motivate others. You have already achieved a lot through willpower so this should be a run in the park. lol


Blogging is what I meant - shouldn't rely on predictive text.


Don't feel disheartened ..I told myself that I was one foot off the couch and it was a start. Like you could not imagine doing week two as I had staggered my way through week one, but the mental attitude of 'I will have a go at w2' helped me onto it. I found week 2 slightly easier after the first run as you ran less times although for longer ...gave me more time to breath in between.

Sounds like your willpower will be a great strength, so go for it.

well done on getting this far and good luck with your next run



Hi Bexbridge,

Congratulations on getting started, finding the motivation to get off the couch and out running is the hardest part. I started this to try and help out with weightloss and have always had a particular reluctance to run which I'm sure is a throwback to school. You'll have good days and bad days but every day you run is a little victory. The support of the community is awesome and they'll celebrate your milestones and help to motivate you again after a bad run.

We're all rooting for you and are either going through the same process or have gotten through it so we all know what pain you feel! Just take each run as it comes and you'll be a runner before you know it. I'm about to re-start W2 after injury so will be going through the same cycle as you so will be looking out for your updates!



Thanks all, your comments and support are much appreciated, believe me! Will definitely be leaving hubby at home. I know he means well and it's lovely to have his support, but he actually de-motivates me which I know he'd be mortified about.

Good luck on your re-start Beth, look forward to finding out how you're doing.

Thank you all again for taking the time to leave comments :-)


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