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Hoping to get back in the game

After taking it pretty easy for a while I decided to try getting back into the program. I've been swimming, cycling and cross training whilst I've been unable to run but after managing to grill a personal trainer at an event I went to on Tuesday found that stress to the left leg can be caused by insufficient fluid. So upped the water intake during Wednesday and decided to try it again on Thursday.

Headed into the gym at around 7.00 and hit the treadmill, got out the W2 podcast going and started walking. Decided to walk through the first two runs to make sure I was properly warmed up and then ran for 30 seconds of the next run, which went ok, so increased it to a minute for the next and then finished off with the full 90 seconds. So far don't seem to be suffering any ill effects. Will probably swim one day over the weekend, rest one day and then get back into the program but the biggest question remains start again from W1 or pick it back up at W2 - as I didn't complete W2.

Any suggestions from more experienced C25Kers or graduates would be gratefully received!

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I guess you could just go with the flow and see how you feel on the day. Either way its ok since you are off the couch. Good luck.


I'm with Norni off the couch and running again. Well done.

All the best



Thanks Norni, Thanks Dale, I might try W1 R3 to get back into the swing of things but think that my fitness is hopefully still there to take on W2 again, firmly on the couch tonight but will get back up and running just as soon as I can!


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