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Suggestions for treadmill?

Hi, I'm looking to buy a treadmill for home use (I'm getting very frustrated at not being able to train in this kind of weather!!)

I'm not looking to spend thousands but still want something decent that won't fall apart after a couple of months.

I see lots of people on here saying they are using treadmills - I assume the majority are using them at a gym but wondered if you have a home one, which would you recommend?

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I have a Reebok Z8 which I love(had it over a year now). I chose it because it is slightly wider than some others. Good luck


I have this one too (about 18 months old now) and bought it because it had a larger running surface than many others, and also has motorised incline which many others in the £500 price range didn't. You can choose to have the display in miles or kilometres. The only slight negative (which might apply to other machines, I'm comparing to much more expensive gym ones here) is that you can't pause a run. If you stop the machine, that's it. Stats gone. Otherwise, I'm very happy with it.


I use a Reebok I-Run. Have had it a couple of years and is very solid. Its also quite wide and less flimsy looking than some. Try Argos or Ebay.


I have this one too, mainly cos my sister was selling it cheap :)


Ive sold it now but I had a reebok T3.1. it was very solid & very heavy!! I got mine off ebay & sold it 18months later for the same price :)


I have a Nordic Track T9.1 and I bought this because it has an IFit module with it .

IFit uses Google maps and allows you to create a run anywhere in the world. So if you decide you fancy running round Central Park, New York you can either draw your own map (or there are plenty already there to download) send it to your schedule (this is done through your laptop). When you turn on your treadmill it updates with the map for that day place your laptop or tablet on the treadmill panel (special lip where it sits) and you can see your route on google maps while your running. It also adjusts the incline in conjunction with the terrain which is really clever.

There are also other training programmes that you can down load so the options are endless don't think anyone could get bored.

It all sounds great but it has taken me a little time to get this set up as my internet connection wasn't strong enough to start with. The whole setting up instructions aren't the easiest to follow and haven't really had time to spend time on the phone getting it sorted.


Reebok Z9. Good solid machine with enough speed & incline without being so fast or steep that you need to be Superman/woman. Folds up but in reality I just leave it as is in the corner of my spare room. Best adive whichever you go for - and if you can afford iFit, go for it - is to shop around. You can cut the price in half!


Fab, thanks to you all for taking the time to reply.

TIme to hit the shops/laptop this weekend!


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