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Suggestions for combating treadmill boredom?


Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums but I'm almost done with the program. I just finished W9R2, and I've been alternating outdoor runs with the treadmill to keep from injuring my knees. But, I get really bored on the treadmill even with the music.

Sometimes I count different types of cars driving by my window (saddest game ever!) and today, I pretended to have a conversation with someone I'm interviewing with this week (and this actually worked really well, was equally sad). Any suggestions?

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Sounds better than my usual method of counting breaths - '150 breaths should be five minutes, so I'll just keep going til then' etc. I once tried watching a tv programme on my ipad but couldn't hear it over the noise of the treadmill, and had forgotten to take my headphones, so that didn't work! Some people suggest listening to radio or audiobooks, so that might help...?


Zombies run app. It'll have you hooked on running just to find out what happens next. And I have laughed out loud running in the street at some points it's so well written. It also tracks your mileage etc.

What about an audio book on your ipod?

I had heard the audiobooks suggestion, but I hadn't heard of the zombies run app. I'll try both out next week. I think for me, I have to be engaged in thinking somehow, so the zombies one might do the trick. Thanks!


We usually run outdoors, but hubby and daughter are using the zombie app, they love it! Gayle


Where do I find the Zombie App looked in Samsung Apps today but there are hundreds of Zombie type apps to search through?

sergeant_tibbsGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

You can google zombie run, and it's the first link. That might show you how to get the app on your specific phone. It also gives you a ton of background on the app and discusses the features of the program. It looks pretty cool!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to sergeant_tibbs

Thanks very much s.tibbs


I had this problem all winter! I find it helps to cover the display on the treadmill so you are not watching time ticking by.My gym have tradmills where you can do virtual running which is great and has been my saviour.I have run in Italy,the Swiss Alps and Los Angeles.Your mind wanders through the beautiful scenery and you forget you're on the treadmill lol! When you have finished the C25K plan interval running on the treadmill is easier as you have something else to focus on.Good Luck and keep running :)

sergeant_tibbsGraduate in reply to vengadriver

That sounds wonderful! I've used those on nicer treadmills, but mine is one of those simple set it and go-types. I think I'll try to only use the treadmill on my interval days from now on and do the longer runs outside. I guess the other benefit to doing it that way is I can easily track my different paces. Hopefully that keeps me going!


I agree the treadmill is good for interval running as you can set your pace and see your progress.I always do my long runs outside as can't run on a treadmill continuously for an hour.I then do an interval podcast on the treadmill but then continue to run at my own pace afterwards until I reach 5km.My speed is really improving and so is my stamina.Give it a try and keep us posted how you're getting on :)

Thanks, I'll definitely keep you all updated. I just finished my last run for the program (20 minutes ago!), so I'm off to find my badge.

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