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Sunday morning Zombie Run!!

Oh dear - now I'm sure that my family think I've gone mad with this running lark anyway but now I've taken up running away from zombies I think there's no doubt!!

30 mins running away from zombies on a Sunday morning - and what's even better the prospect of being caught by the undead knocked about 20secs/min off my average pace for the run. My only disapointment was that I didn't keep going to the 5Km mark as I'm sure it would have been a PB!

The app is half price on google play at the moment - highly recommended for a bit of fun!

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This is a bit of a Celtic joke but we don't do running away from Zombies....


Don't think they were Rangers zombies though ;)


Ha ha!


Arghhh, you've just resurrected the WANT demon inside me!


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