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Waiting out the calf

So further to the slight niggle that cropped up in my calf on Friday I've put C25K on hold to avoid a more serious set back. Booked in with a PT at my gym to get some pointers as to what I can and can't do while waiting for my calf to mend. Thought it might be of use to anyone else who has a bit of a niggle...

Cardiowise it seems that cycling, rowing (within reason) and cross training (as long as you keep you heel down on the cross trainer) can be used and then tonight I was put through my paces on the cables doing resistance work, biceps, triceps, back.

PT finished the session by giving the dodgy leg a brief sports massage which made me yelp quite a bit but hopefully this will get me back on my C25K journey. In the meantime I'll keep reading your blogs for inspiration and tips for the journey.

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This sounds really sensible, Beth. Have you thought about having your gait analysed? If you follow the tags on here you'll find lots of good advice about the importance of having the correct trainers. Best of luck! :)


Hi Oona,

I actually had my gait analysed 2 weeks ago as needed to buy trainers so killed 2 birds with 1 stone and have the right shoes. More intensive stretching will be added to the routine when C25K recommences!


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