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Getting back out there - to the polls!

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For one reason or another I've not been out running much lately, nor been on here either. It's a vicious circle as running helps me so much mentally but when my brain is fogged I struggle to find the motivation to get out there. Anyway inspired by stories of great runs on here I went back out tonight. Off track a bit from C25K, I have been on the programme since September last year, I just went to run for as long as I felt comfortable. So I walked to the polling station, put my cross in the box and then ran the long way home. Didn't have a phone or watch with me so no idea how far I went or how long for! It was probably only 15 minutes running but it felt good to be back. Now I will try and get back out there regularly and get ready for week 7, finally! Looking forward to catching up on what everyone has been up to 😀

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Nice! I ran to the polls when we had an election last year. I was a hot sweaty mess - your plan was much better. It's great to incorporate running into your errands - you have to do them anyways, might as well run while you're at it.

Yes you can't beat being efficient with your running!

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Good on you for getting out there, especially if you've been on a break! 15 minutes sounds like a solid piece of running. All the best for week 7!

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LisaRose74 in reply to Katie204

It's good to be back out there, even if it was a bit warm 😀

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Well done... out again and feeling the benefits! You carry on, and if you keep posting, we will be here to support and encourage!

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LisaRose74 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Floss, I have missed everyone on here, it's such a great support

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