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W5r1 Tightness in calf


I notice after last run a niggle in my calf did stretches this morning before run and after run also it seem more pronounced at present but I can walk fine just hot and sore. Should I apply hot or cold packs to stop it getting worse and I have rest day tomorrow so will keep lawns and garden work off.

I really don’t want to fail as I am almost half way😁

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Sounds normal after a good run but maybe more stretching afterwards. Don’t know about hot packs but cold packs will just tighten those muscles up more. Don’t want that. 🙂

QuiltsC25KGraduate in reply to Ian5K

More stretching and more water 👍


Stretching immediately after every run, nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/h... while muscles are still warm and supple, pulls out contractions, avoiding carrying tensions into the next run and also improves recovery by improving blood flow, as recommended in the guide to the plan.

Many people do not hold their stretches for long enough or put enough effort in. Hold post run stretches for 30 seconds and make sure the pull is strong enough to be on the verge of discomfort.

Make sure your hydration is adequate. As a runner you need to drink a minimum of 2.5 -3 litres of fluid each and every day, running or not, as mentioned in the guide.

QuiltsC25KGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Ok I may not be holding the stretch well enough to feel on verge of discomfort also up my water.



Hey there,

I've had the same thing this week for the first time ever and just put it down to running a longer time perhaps?

I'm doing the stretching before and after and also making sure to keep moving through the day so I don't stiffen up too much. Seems to help.

Maybe others disagree? I certainly find that if I sit about I feel more aches than if I keep going. Gently of course, nothing mad x

QuiltsC25KGraduate in reply to Burkey46

I agree if I sit to long I get stiff too.

I have to expend the energy I have created to. It’s weird you run and feel great and just keep more active. Normal jobs alto is the house etc.

But during the weekend on a rest day I did mow the lawn and plant plants and mowed under the tree which I leave as a meadow so I guess I didn’t rest enough too. I feel better today. So easy washing bed linen day and sewing. Looking forward to W5r2 tomorrow

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