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Back in the game

Well, my last run was on Boxing Day. I did a very good 10.5k the got savagely struck down with man flu (below the neck) just got rid of that and got an attack of Gout in my left foot which took me out for another 3 weeks!. I tried to put my running shoes on a couple of times but just too painfull.

Woke up yesterday, no pain and the snow had all gone so I thought I would go for it. I was a bit worried that, after such a long time, my fitness would have gone, and I would have to start again. Someone on here said that it shouldn't but several friends said that it would. I shouldn't have listened to my friends because I did 5k fairly comfortably if a bit slowly. I ache a bit this morning but the feeling of doing it far outweighs the achy legs. I probably could have carried on but thought that I would take it slowly for the first few runs.

I guess that if you do have to have a small break, it's not the end of the world - even though it feels like it. I have felt a void since Boxing Day and envious every time I see someone on a run.

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Sorry you've been so unwell, but well done on being able to get out again. I ran on 1st Jan then came down with flu, had a run on the 16th then it snowed, so wasn't going to risk running in the snow (and hubby wouldn't let me in any case!) I went out for my first run this morning and really enjoyed it.

You do lose fitness (I read somewhere you start losing fitness after 10 days of not exercising) but I think once you've been able to run a few 5ks you know you can do it, and it's not as if you are starting again. It's best to take the first few runs slowly just to get yourself back into running and to remind you body what it needs to do! My run was a lot slower this morning, just over 1 min mile slower than my normal pace. I shall do a couple more 'comfortable' easy paced runs before I start trying to up the pace.

I'm sure you'll get back into it very quickly.


Thanks for that Caz9. I'm going to up the pace a little tomorrow and keep doing that gradually until I'm back to the fitness level I was at. I was quite surprised that I didn't need to stop. I just thought that after 5 or 6 weeks I would really struggle with breathing etc. The route I take around my village is very hilly but still managed it. Was slow though!


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