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Well that’s the last of week four done yesterday, felt more tired than the previous two sessions but long working day not helping. Still got the buzz at the end when I realise it’s getting more “normal” to feel good rather than ….please call the

Strange occurrence in the last 5 min run, I actually “found” some extra space in my lungs!! Then my 3/3 running pattern matched it and lo and behold it clicked. It felt normal as opposed to weird, i'm actually able to keep going and be able to drink at the end whilst cooling down.

It is also strange that i did a 13 hour day, then a run and felt

So next run here we come……

All the best everyone


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Well, look at you!

Running after a 13 hour day :o sounds really tough. Sounds as though you're getting fitter and fitter!


well done dale - you've caught upo with me - I haven't run since last tuesday so am starting week 5 tomorrow - hope it goes well for you.


Looks like we're at the same stage. I'm on for W5R1 tomorrow, which I'm not too worried about. But R2 and R3 scare the hell out of me.


W4r3 tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it - but nervous about week 5!


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