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No park-run today !

So disappointed--we drove to the car park and it was EMPTY. Too icy for park run so it was cancelled. From now on, I will check the twitter account just to be on the safe side. However, I was all dressed up and ready to run with my brand new lemon yellow longsleeved graduate shirt (any one else finding these rather on the big size?). I really wanted to try out my new gloves too, so I braved the ice in my own village and did a good 5.5 K run. Sploshed through some icy cold mud, and I was childishly thrilled to see mud splatters all up the back of my yellow tent shirt when I got home--I must have looked just like a 'real runner' from behind!

I havent been to park run for ages, I really hope it's on next week.

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Disappointing, but at least you had a good run. Hope it's on next week for you.


Sorry the run was cancelled but it sounds like you had a fun run anyways!!! :-) I can just imagine you in the "yellow tent" with mud splatters everywhere! I hope it comes clean in the wash! Hubby and I checked into purchasing the Grad shirts but after calculating shipping to the US, it would of been a small fortune! Gayle


yellow tent came up beautifully clean after washing at 40C with bio detergent. Phew. I had wondered if/hoped it might shrink in the wash, but it didnt and so it is still very big. This is odd because the short sleeved T shirt was perfectly sized.Still, it kept me warm on a chilly day, and I certainly cant be missed when I wear it.


Shame about your Parkrun but safety comes first. We had to change part of the route at ours as the path was lethal. Sounds like you had a good run anyway :)


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