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Week 4 Run 1 - Done!

Despite everyone's encouragement I still wasn't 100% convinced I could do it. But I did! It wasn't easy, I really felt like I was pushing myself but not so far that I couldn't do it.

I made a point of going slow and keeping to that pace, I was more interested in finishing than going fast but I've worked out that I did half a mile in 5 minutes so I was going at about 6mph which is quite respectable I think at this stage?

I thought about trying a sprint at the end after Laura said I only had a minute left, but by the time I'd talked myself into it, it was the time to stop (and I wasn't about to do extra today!) Still, I have runs 2 and 3 to work on that!

If I stick to alternate days I'll be running 20 continuous minutes next Sunday! I can't wait!

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See! This programme really works! 6mph sounds more than respectable to me, old slowcoach that I am (my 'running' in the snow yesterday was at a mere 3mph!) it's all relative. Though depending on your age/overall fitness, you might find you'll want to go even slower for the longer runs - 6mph is almost at the 5k in 30 minutes pace, which lots of people don't get to by the end of c25k (or maybe ever!) But you might be fine - you're the best judge of what your body can do.

Really well done! :)


Oh wow well done! I'm so glad it went well despite you being a bit nervous, I still get nervous now but at least I have stopped fretting about needing a wee lol.

That speed is amazing but like greenlegs says remember to take it easy if and when you need to. At this stage it's better to finish with a bit left in the legs as it helps recovery but yes you know your body best.

Enjoy your success!


I'm pleased it went well for you. Personally I think I found the first run of week 4 the hardest mentally so hopefully it will be onwards and upwards from now on!


Well done! I've just completed W4R2. Got about half way into it and the rain came down. It crossed my mind that I might pack it in, but by then I couldn't get any wetter so I just stuck to it; felt easier than W4R1 too. I now remember that wet jogging bottoms are really nasty to wear and are cold, claggy and heavy so I have just ordered a pair of Ron Hill running trousers; with my figure I will definitely have to stick to running in the dark in those!


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