I'm scared !

Due to work commitments (and also a bit of laziness I think ) I haven't been for a run for getting on for 3 weeks :-( I haven't been to the gym for over a week either , and now ............I'm really worried about going out for a run in case I can't run for a full 30 mins (actually my last run was 35mins) because it was a 'stamina' run. I have been popping back here and looking at peoples blogs most evenings and feeling more and more guilty and more and more stressed !! I had a habit for years of running and then walking because I just could ! I set myself the personal challenge of completing the Couch25K which I completed on Xmas Eve :-) This proved that I could run for 30 mins without walking :-) I also signed up for the Oxford Town and Gown 10K in May. Since then , I'm not sure what's gone wrong :-( ..........Any advice please ?


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6 Replies

  • Hi Kazzers,

    You can blame anything - ice, snow, cold, grey - or just call it winter blues. I think a lot of people have it (self included - how many excuses can I find not to run, although it has to be said ice is a really good one around here at the moment :-) )

    Don't worry about the time since last run and how much fitness you'll have lost. I was at a similar stage (graduated November, did Stamina early December) before getting the LURGY and missing 3 weeks. I started back with Stepping Stones and made my way back up to Stamina before the ice arrived. That last run was not nice either - too much water and mud on the path. Now it's another 10 days or so - will be 2 weeks by the time I get out again, probably on Sunday, and I'll do the same again (start with Stepping Stones).

    You still have plenty of time (I think) to get up to 10 K.

    Why not set a day to start again and tell us all when it is - then we can look forward to reading about your comeback!

    Ann x

  • I skipped 2 weeks recently and had no problems doing 30 minutes at a slow pace, so you'll be fine, just get out there and go for it, Delia

  • We missed 21-23 days? Due to illness, holidays and laziness or should I say procrastination. :-) We were also very fearful of what that first run would bring. We found we could still run 30, but at a slower pace. After knowing the fitness was still there we committed ourselves to a program so we would have structure again. We are currently working on a 10K program. I never dreamed my first run after so many days would lead me running 51 minutes total last night with 2-1minute walks between. Since you committed to a 10K in May, maybe try working on a program to keep you focused? Good luck to you! Gayle

  • Hey thanks everyone, :-) and Ann , i'll take your advice and make up my mind that I am going to run for 30 mins (slowly) on Sunday morning (27th) and i'll let you know how it goes, thanks to everyone for your encouragement x

  • Hi Kazzers - Well done on the decision :-)

    Just to help you know that this CAN be done, I just got back from my first run in a couple of weeks - I did a very slow Stepping Stones but using a different route from usual, which I thought would be ice-free (it was, more or less). My shortest distance ever in the time but I did get through the 30 minutes so I'm pleased to be on my way back at last. And you will be too on Sunday!

    Ann x

  • Good for you kazzers. Been feeling guilt here too. Still managed at least 1 run a week so far, but need to get back to running 2 or 3 times a week. Usual work/snow excuses but next week will need to focus.

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