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Lapsed runner!

Well I havent run for a while now not because I dont want to . At first things to do at home got in the way and now the weather!

Cant wait to see the back of the snow! I know I could go to the gym however by the time I have negotiated my way over the impacted and slippery paths home from work I cant be bothered to go out again- lazy I know!

As soon as the paths are clear of snow hopefully next week if the the weather reports are to be believed (we are due a large amount of rain). Dont really like rain either but preferable to snow any day. Anyway enough of my gripes will have to build up my running slowly again like I did after xmas.

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I know what you mean. I haven't run for a week now, despite buying myself some trail shoes, I didn't feel that they would stop my from slipping on an icy path. I quite like running in the rain, there are fewer people in the park when it's raining, less people to see me panting my way round!! I also took time off over Christmas but it's surprising how quick it all slots back into place - you have to remind yourself of your reasons for doing Couch to 5k in the first place and also remind yourself of how much less fit you will be in a years time if you don't get back out there. Look forward to reading your next post, and how good that run felt.


Hi Secretrunner

My first run after xmas was to the 5K+ stamina podcast and I managed 30mins although it was hard work on the calves!. At the moment I am just managing to run twice a week and have entered Race for Life on 30 June in Leicester as a motivation and a challenge as the last time I did it was 9 years ago and ran/walked it so would like to run the whole way this time.


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