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10 Reasons snow is useful to runners

(Nabbed from the Run Balmoral Facebook page)

10 Reasons snow is useful to runners:

1. The extra reflected light helps motivation

2. Running in deep snow stretches muscles you never knew you had.

3. You will never get lost, just re-trace your footsteps

4. Need an icepack, need I say any more?

5. No need to worry about sole cushioning with this underfoot

6. Your new running shoes will stay white!

7. People won't think you are mad any more; they will know.

8. You don't have to worry about your PB. The snow slowed me down.

9. You will feel like an extreme runner

10. Stay out long enough and the path will be dug when you get home :)....ooops, sorry dear.

Re no. 7, I remember when three runners - one in shorts - passed us when we were enjoying a walk in the snow to a local high spot a couple of years ago and thought they were bonkers!

Now, I can't wait to join them!

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These are great and so apt!! :) Isnt it funny to look back, not that long ago, and see how you felt about those runners...yes you too will be an extreme runner when running in the snow and totally mad!! :D

I felt like a real pro when I was out in it; dressed as a runner and running in snow - little do they know its only been months and not years doing this running lark!!! ;)



Wow swanscot, that location in your photo looks amazing!

And re: #2, after my run on saturday, my thighs still have a slight ache!


> Wow swanscot, that location in your photo looks amazing!

That photo was taken about 9km from home, at Abriachan . It's somewhere I'd love to be able to cycle to, then run - however those 9km involve 250m (820ft) of ascent. Every so often I cycle that road, but have to walk half of the way up the hill road and am too tired to walk much on the moor, never mind run!

BTW That walk was a lovely short winter walk, and all the better that day for being the first walk hubby had managed after spending a couple of months with his leg in a stookie.


Hehe, I like this. Its so true!

"6. Your new running shoes will stay white!"

I was quite chuffed that my previously muddy shoes couldn't be cleaner if they tried after a couple of snow runs last week. Probably a bit sad, I know.


He, he - I'm another one enjoying clean trail shoes, had caked them in mud a few weekends back so the snow was perfect for an effort free clean.


Number 3's a whole load of baloney (is that how you spell it?) have you ever tried to retrace your steps in a blizzard, yep your footprints are there OK but only for the first few minutes then its "OMG I'm lost" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got one to add to that list

11. If you get thirsty, never ever eat the yellow snow! :)


I know it has been said, but what an absolutely fantastic location, so beautiful :-)


Are you doing the Balmoral Run? I've signed up for the 5k but haven't been doing much running lately. Lots of little niggles and "stuff" getting in the way. Hopefully I'll get going soon.


I'd like to run the 10K race, but I haven't signed up yet so it will depend if there are still places. It also depends if my leg (IT band) is completely better. I was given the go ahead to start running again from the Sports Physio, but, like you, am still getting niggles, which I will discuss with the physio when I see her on Thursday. After that discussion, I'll decide one way or the other.

Another option I'm considering is to try for the Glen Livet 10K (two weeks earlier than Balmoral). That race is organised by Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, and if I register for that, but am unable to run, I wouldn't mind so much since the money is going to a charity that I support.


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